Keeping Justice is a 2017 vigilante film written and directed by RJ Cusyk.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Michael Pierson is a bored office worker. One day, after witnessing a woman murdered outside of his office building, he decides to take action against the criminals of Waters, Colorado. On his way home from a date, he hears a young girl being assaulted. Michael leaps into action and kills her attackers, one of them being a police officer. Michael struggles with the morality of murder and dishing out his own form of justice. This struggle becomes harder to manage when the girl he saved enters his life and begins to encourage him to attack criminals.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Hayden Mackey as Michael Pierson
  • Karla Alvarez as Sarah Morales
  • Anna McShane as Karen
  • Peter Ivanov as Officer De Ayora
  • Matt Cedarberg as Officer Mitchell
  • Michael Lakota Dillon as Kevin
  • Eric Jancik as Billy
  • Kiley Juckel as Stabbing Victim (as Kiley Kent)
  • Max Caudell as Security Guard
  • Gabrielle Cusyk as Young Girl
  • Joseph Cusyk as Michael's Boss
  • Nika Schwarz as Flower Shop Clerk
  • Danny Colburn as Flower Shop Robber
  • Katrina Blyum as Karen's Mother
  • Wes Gagnelius as Karen's Father (as Wesley Gagnelius)

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