Ivan Azarov was a Russian gangster. He had ties to Sergio Pasolini and Dario Brasso.

History[edit | edit source]

Ivan met Mark whilst working as an informant for Sergio. From War for Vengeance it can be assumed that he was good friends with Mark, before the latter's retirement. Before the events of A Final Hit, Ivan lent money to Dario Brasso for "a race or something." It can be inferred that Ivan doesn't fret too much about what money is needed for as long as he is paid back. With Mark returning to the profession, teams up with him to track down Dario, despite having his head dumped in the toilet earlier that day. Unfortunately, ties were soon cut between Ivan and Mark when Dario requested to meet at a local restaurant. Ivan received the money he was owed and went home.

Shortly after Mark's death, Ivan returns home and is brutally murdered by Veronica. Thus kicking off the events of War for Vengeance.

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