Oh, I feel a poop coming on.
— Gregg Lodin

Greggory Bogëv Lodin is the cuddly bear of the Decades Apart team. Everyone loves Gregg, even if they don't know it yet. Gregg was born in Miami, Florida. He was immediately given a bunch of bath salts to sniff. This may or may not explain many of the crazy things Gregg has done with his life. Once, his younger self didn't get a Ninja Turtle popsicle with the bubblegum eyeballs. Instead, his younger self ordered a Fred Flintstone push pop. This lead to Gregg going back in time and pushing his younger self in front of a bus. Gregg may now have drain bamage but he taught his younger self a very valuable lesson: bubblegum eyeballs are his jam.

He was raised by a gaggle of geese who hung out on the wrong side of town. They knew how to use switch blades and fight mongoloids Mongols. Gregg climbed Mount Everest in the year 2012 and fought the dragon that lived on top of it. The dragon's name was Carl, and he was not too pleased with Gregg climbing up the mountain.

Carl now lives with Gregg at 9273 S. Avory Brooks Rd.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ran for US President in 2020. His campaign slogan was "Make Ha ha's Oh Again."
  • Once pooped in a shower to break up with a girl.
  • Formerly drove a party bus.
  • Is working to become a registered nurse.
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