Decades Apart Productions is a production company started in Colorado and currently based in Wisconsin. They claim to push indie-filmmaking to the limits, however, they tend to just make trashy 80s movies.

History[edit | edit source]

Decades Apart Productions was founded by RJ Cusyk in 2007.[1] Whilst originally having no documentation, RJ made several short films under the Decades Apart moniker. The first of these being Return of the Zombie King, a stop-motion animation in which a Frankstein's Monster attacks a group of teenagers on vacation. Other animations soon followed: The Misadventures of Paul, The Adventures of Super Jesus, and Attack of the Monstars. During this time, RJ also tried to make live-action short films but these were often not completed due to actor commitment issues. A few completed ones include: The Live Fast, Die Fast Trilogy; Gabzilla; Dinosaur Valley Bloodbath; Duque de Sangre; and Vanished.

Invisible Diary of a Disabled Man[edit | edit source]

In 2013, RJ directed his first short film with professional actors: Invisible Diary of a Disabled Man. The film started shooting in April 2013[2] and ended in June 2013.[3] Many actors dropped out of the project before shooting had even begun. However, despite this, RJ was introduced to Decades Apart regulars Michael Lakota Dillon, Greggory Bogëv Lodin, and Hannah Tippit. It was released on YouTube on July 28, 2013.[4] While the film was considered a commercial and critical bomb, RJ took the skills he learned from this project and decided to push forward with his first feature film.

Through the Devil's Eyes[edit | edit source]

IThrough the Devil's Eyes began shooting in October of 2013.[5] A blog post towards the end of October reveals several issues that had been going on behind the scenes. These mostly include actors dropping out and equipment being damaged.[6] In spite of all of these problems, the film finished shooting and held its cast and crew premiere on April 6th 2014.[7] However, the film wasn't officially released to audiences until October 10th of that year. The film garnered mixed reviews, with many critics enjoying the film despite its miniscule budget.[8][9][10] Many of the cast members involved in the film were ecstatic and wished to shoot with Decades Apart Productions again.

A Final Hit[edit | edit source]

In the summer of 2014, RJ, Michael, and Gregg began looking for potential investors for a new project. However, they weren't sure what the new project would be. Not wanting to be known as a horror filmmaker, RJ decided to put together a script for a low-budget action film. This script would go on to become A Final Hit. Gregg mentioned to RJ that he had a small amount of money to work with concerning budget. RJ declined the initially offered amount and agreed to a lower amount. The three went on to hold casting calls and ultimately ended up making A Final Hit. The film also stood out as it featured music by Survive the Planet and Bad Elastic.[11] The film had a cast and crew premiere on March 19, 2015.[12] The film premiered at the Oriental Theater in Denver, CO on April 10, 2015.[13]

Failed Crowdfunding[edit | edit source]

Two months later, Decades Apart launched a crowdfunding campaign.[14] It failed to make even 1% of its goal[15] and lead RJ to go on a rant about why he wouldn't crowdfund (which he inaccurately calls crowdsourcing) another project.[16] He did say that he wanted to try and make No Tomorrow, despite the financial issues but this proved to be outside of even their capabilities. No Tomorrow was ultimately cancelled [17] and the money raised was used to fund: Coffee Can,[18] Decades Apart Plays, [19] and Time Has a Funny Way of Selling Itself Short[20][21]. Around this time, A Final Hit and Through the Devil's Eyes both went live on Amazon VOD.[22]

Keeping Justice[edit | edit source]

Towards the end of 2016, Decades Apart Productions relocated from Colorado to Wisconsin.[23] Shortly after relocating, production began on a new film Keeping Justice. However, not much about the filming process is known as it was around this time that RJ opted out of updates about the film process and chose to rant about things that he felt were polluting the waters of cinema. In 2017, Decades Apart launched their own store and began selling DVDs of their films in an attempt to cut out Amazon and sell their movies at a more appropriate price. Keeping Justice was released on October 10, 2017; three years after the release of Through the Devil's Eyes.

Silver Stars on Red Velvet[edit | edit source]

In 2018, Decades Apart began putting out a monthly newsletter. This newsletter was to make people aware of production status for their new film Silver Stars on Red Velvet. The film was to be a semi-sequel to Through the Devil's Eyes. It focused on the adult film industry and was considered to be a foolish move in the advent of #MeToo. There was a lot of difficulty casting the film as many people considered the film to be overly offensive. The film was released on October 29, 2019. Upon release, the film was mocked by Battle Royale with Cheese who expressed wishes for RJ Cusyk to never make another film [24].

Corona-Chan[edit | edit source]

Decades Apart had planned to begin production on a new film. However, due to COVID-19 shutting down most things, the production of the film was postponed. RJ instead opted to publish a book he had written many years ago titled The Mysterious Thomas Katzenberg. Which was followed up by the release of Ghosts of the Past.

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